It has been HOT HOT HOT here this week so when I asked Little Miss Kidlet if she would like to dress up in winter woolies and pretend it was snowing, I didn’t think she would be very keen.

Well, I was wrong, she ripped off her PJ’s and ran around asking for gloves and boots to go with her new duds. This is the first time I have sewn along with Project Run and Play, but when I looked at the scraps of my recent selfish sewing, they just screamed winter to me.

It seemed to work for her too, her snow covered shorts and a snuggly upcycled wool jumper had her holding out her hand and pretending to catch snow as we took photos.  She is yet to see snow in real life so I think think at least in her imagination I managed to conjure up a winter wonderland that one can only dream about in the heat of an Aussie summer.

Scalloped Shorts

Pattern:  Cucito Fall 2013, 90cm

Fabric:  Nani Iro Peaceful Cooing from Shimgraphica.  Had under a half meter of scraps left to squeeze these into so pattern matching wasn’t an option.  Soooo soft and pretty.

Ease:  Super simple, 1 hour from tracing to completion.

Tidbits: Interesting that Japanese patterns often have you finish the seam allowances first, rather than after sewing the seam.  Not being one for following the rules I usually ignored this part of the diagrams, but this time I decided to play by the rules, and I liked it, I liked it a lot. New and simple way to construct the waistband that I would only use for kids clothes – essentially you leave a 1 cm gap in the side seam on one edge for the elastic to go through, then when you fold down the pre-finished waistband edge you can stitch the casing the whole way around.

Oppsies:  I cut both leg pieces in the same direction as I was squeezing them from single layered scraps.  This meant that I lost extra depth in the back rise.  Overall the finished shorts are oversized so no problems!  Must find system for single layered cutting for keeping track of cutting direction…

Dolmain top

Pattern:  Self drafted, sized from a standard T-shirt

Fabric:  Skirt of one of my old dresses. Wool blend.

Ease:  Simple

Tidbits:  I like the sloppy dolmain style on her.  Cosy. And as an added bonus, she matches me.  Oh so daggy! But cute right? right?