Some ideas about what I would like to make in 2014… aim big.

Selfish Sewing 2014

I have come up with the concept of two different collections: casual (sunny) and worky (moonlight).  I am hoping that the quick, relaxed makes of one helps me have patience with the other.

Celebrate the Sun

The Idea: have fun with colour, print, texture and design!

The Fabric and Colours:image


1. Create a mix of coordinates for current wardrobe and new fun pieces from simple patterns

2. Use current stash of new and used textiles.

3. Find tried and tested patterns for summer basics – singlet, t-shirt, skirt, dress, possibly culottes or jumpsuit if the wind blows that way.


The idea:  6 pieces of rocking work clothes

The Fabric and Pattern Ideas:  Concepts outlined here:

Blokey Sewing 2014

The Great Japanese Coat Challenge

The Idea: Sew a Mens Coat from this book

Mens Coat Making Japanese Sewing Craft Book

The Fabric: A brown plaid wool from Beauly, Scotland

The Aim:  To work slowly and methodically!  Muslin making to start in May

The Basics

The Idea: Sew a small number of patterns several times to practice technique and perfect fit

The Likely Outcome: More Jedediah Pants,  T-shirts and Shirts

Kidlets Sewing 2014

The Idea:  anything goes as long as I learn something along the way

The Likely Outcome:  more Japanese patterns and more jackets