mini houndstooth = puppytooth! Perfect for a kidlet.Puppytooth

Puppytooth Jacket

Pattern: Study Hall Jacket 4 and lengthened sleeves

Fabric: Blue wool puppytooth from a coupon store in Paris

Notions: Zips from Lincraft

Ease: Mid Range

Tidbits: Attaching the waistband was awkward and I ended up hand stitching the corners in because I couldn’t get it to sit flat following the instructions. There must be a better way…

I love all the pocket options and the arm zip pocket is his favourite bit, it definitely helped that I had made the W Pants first as my welt pockets seemed a breeze.

PuppytoothOppsies: Should have heeded more warning from other who said the pattern was short and wide.

Kidlet Rating: 4 Stars