Man sewing.  So much top stitching. So many new techniques.  So much quad to wrangle.


I see you quads trying to look all innocent and coy.  Trying to derail my plans.  Never fear, Jedediah built for ones of slender thigh, the library does provide me with a simple solution. Give a little room on the front inseam it says.  Easy, I say.  Take that quads.  Get in your new pants.

Quadrangles Main


Jedediah Shorts

Pattern:  Jedediah Pants

Fabric:  Thrifted diagonal wool mix

Ease:  Difficult but not impossible for a newbie like me

Tidbits: I used the sew along to guide me through this pattern.  This pattern involves french seams, binding finishes on the insides and my least favourite -flat felled.  I used a lot of starch to try and get this springy fabric to iron into flat felled seams with variable success. I may be simply sewing the in seams down if I use a similar fabric again to save the burnt fingers. While I skipped the binding on the side seams, I did like the finish on the waistband and fly so kept it there and discovered that pegs are super handy in holding slippery silk binding in place.   On my first muslin of these (in which the quad problem was identified) I made a button fly using this tutorial, which I highly recommend.

Oppsies:  My waistband was an inch short so will adjust next time.  This may not be my bad as I think others had a similar problem.    I needed help finishing these up from the friendly ladies at Pattern Review.  I had a flying fly, which turned out to be an easy top stitching fix.  Speaking of top stitching, I am happy with my pockets on this pair, but I am calling these a wearable muslin as it is decidedly off here and there.  Oh, and the zip isn’t the best, better quality needed next time. Man fly’s actually get used!

Bloke rating:  3.5/5


Ottobre T-shirt

Pattern: a mix of an Ottobre 170cm kids pattern and a trace of his favourite T.

Fabric: Ottobre

Ease:  Medium. I hate neck bands.

Tidbits: need to widen the shoulders a little next time.

Oppsies: had to attach the neckband a couple of times, it could still be tighter I think but I lost my nerve. Bottom edge might need some interfacing to stop the roll.

Bloke Rating: 3.5/5


He he – and so the patented “show me your butt” pose was born..


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