I love my Grandma. She has such style, just look at her skirt. That’s right – this skirt is a Granny original. I needed to find a top worthy it, and hence the Great T Hunt began!

GrannyLove Plantain

Granny Love Plantain

Granny Love Plantain

Pattern: The free – that’s right – free Plantain Pattern by Deer and Doe, size 36

Fabric: This fabric is proof that fabric never goes off – it is over 10 years old from Mars Bar’s stash!

Ease: Easy Sewing, all the tips you need to sew knits

Tidbits: I wanted a fitted T, so I straightened the side a little and bravely cut out a size 36, when I know I am usually a 38. I added the contrast origami stripe down the middle for a bit of interest and to mimic the triangles in the hem of the skirt.

A close up so you can see how it works. Each square is a larger square folded in on itself from the corners 2 times. A little tricky in bouncy knit that wanted to unfold the second the iron left its surface.

Granny Love Plantain

The Story of the Great T-Hunt : As part of my Sewing With a Plan strategy, I went through my wardrobe and noticed a decided lack of basic T’s and singlets. As I am broad shouldered I thought I would remove them (yep, just chop em off), and do a singlet first. Traced my one remaining tattered singlet, worked out a neck line that works with most of my clothes and it came out a treat, perfect for layering, so I made another one with a wrap tie to go on bottom. Singlets done and done. Go to Pattern sorted.

the Great T HuntNext on top the T-shirt – I realise my Ottobre has a 170cm basic boys T. Woohoo. Cut that out from two old T-shirt to see how it goes. Hmm a bit sloppy, and a teensy bit wide on the shoulders. Confirmation – I have wide shoulders, but not quite MAN shoulders.

the Great T Hunt

Along come Deer and Doe with their free pattern, so I give it a whirl. I love the lines, I like the fit in most places, but it is a wee bit tight on the shoulders.  So I made the next version a size up and we have a winner!

Granny Love Plantain

A simple project with a cute story. This wont be the last you see of my Granny’s style.  I have even created a special tag for her – Granny Love.

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