Pink, Pink, everywhere Pink.  It’s time for a different shade!

I am calling this colour “dark rose”Dark Rose thisismoonlight

Dark Rose

The themes of Project Sewn got me thinking about this wonderful pair of shoes that need more friends in my closet.  A look over my stash found some wonderful “dark rose” gems to work with, so I have sketched up a wee plan to make 6 items over the next 3 weeks that fit into each of the themes (Think Pink, If the Shoe Fits and Signature Style) and make a nice little “dark rose” capsule.  The project of it also fits I nicely into the monochromatic theme of the Shades of Me series being held by Petit a Petit and Family and Welcome to the Mouse House.

Dark Rose

Velvet Fumpsuit (Faux Jumpsuit)

Pattern: Self Drafted with a bit of guidance from a vintage culottes pattern

Fabric:  Upcycled long velvet dress with holes here and there gifted by my mum

Ease:  Slippery but not too scary

Tidbits: I was really scared of trying another pair of culottes after the first debacle but this time, I just tried them on lots and lots until I knew i had the high waist and fit I wanted.  This may or may not have required me to sew naked every now and then.

I have never really worn this colour or velvet before and I hate exposing my back but I love it.  It’s sassy. I love the shades of rose. It’s got a vintage vibe going on, and I can wear the top and bottoms separately, which I promptly did after finishing these on the weekend.  I popped on a self made back and white T, and headed to the park to watch some jazz!

I even found a friend for another orphaned top in my wardrobe.
Dark Rose

Oh, and I don’t think my “show me your butt pose” is as good as super blokes!
Dark Rose



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