Pencil Which Way Long Pencil Which WayAnother piece suffering an identity crisis. Am I a skirt? a dress? Just decide woman!

Pencil Skirt

Pattern: Self Drafted Based on Versa Skirt by Delia

Fabric: Polyester from Spotlight

Ease: Easy Sewing, most time spent tinkering the length

Pencil Which WayTidbits: I was a bit afraid of this slippery dippery stuff but with plenty of pins and my stretch stich settings it was not nearly as bad as I imagined. I made this skirt very quickly at first to wear out straight away, then came back, unpicked parts of it and adjusted it to fit better.

Oppsies: I think I will use my twin needle for the whole of a similar make next time as the snug fit puts quite a bit of stress on the seams. I will possibly go back and reinforce.

Me Rating: 4/5 for wearability and ease of construction