Wowsers!! Check out that shirt!!  It’s just screaming “GET OUTTA HERE, GO ADVENTURING!”

Holiday Anyone?

Let’s go to Russia, Let’s go Sailing, and see the Opera House, Let’s hang under a cherry blossom tree, what about the Great Wall ? No no, let’s hang out in an igloo.

Holiday Anyone?

Yep, pretty hard to concentrate when wearing THIS at work.

Holiday Anyone?

Holidayrific Hipster Shirt

PatternLekala 5446 Free Shirt.   My specs were, 86-70-86 plus wide shoulders, wide back and ape arms.

Fabric: Alexander Henry from here.  For anyone following my Project Sewn sew alongs, I had a couple of….interesting …..makes (which I will post more about soon)…..So I moved on to greener/bluer pastures.  This yard of bright holidaytastic fabric has my name all over it and I had already cut out a shift dress pattern as part of my SWAP plan, but at the last-minute, as the scissors hovered over the fabric I decided – this HAS to be a boxy, small collared hipster work shirt so I can dream of exotic locales whilst punching away at Excel.    Never mind I have never made a shirt before.  She’ll be right love!

I really, really had to work hard to fit the pattern into the yard, so pattern matching wasn’t really possible, but close where possible.

Holiday Anyone?

Notions: Wooden numbers from Skullbuttonry

Ease: Medium – WAAAAY easier than I expected

Tidbits:  Fellow Australian blogger Thornberry is running a sew long with a newly released Lekala Jacket pattern.  The concept of patterns designed to your specifications intrigued me but having just sewn my lovely Ralph Pink number, I did some hunting around the site for other options. A browse of Pattern Review led me to the brilliant Sewing Tidbits who has been trying out using out the Lekala patterns as basic building blocks or slopers and then adding details from other commercial patterns.    Me likey.  The possibility of cheap, downloadable customised building blocks on which to build patterns, PERFECT for a beginner like me!

So here it is – a free basic shirt pattern with ZERO, I SAID ZERO fitting adjustments!!!!!!

The only change I did was alter the front facing to a button placard, and narrow the collar.   The simple pattern was exactly what this busy holidaying, cocktail drinking fabric was looking for.

Holiday Anyone?


Let’s get one thing straight.  Lekala instructions are $&@#.

So I read through the Archer Sew Along, and followed by Andrea’s genius collar attaching instructions. I am going to have to make her a medal of some description!! First shirt, first collar.  Perfect, no problems.

In short, I used French seams and made it up in this order:

– sew darts
– sew in button placard, topstitch both sides
– sew shoulders, press french seam to back, top stitch
– sew side seams press french seam to back, top stitch
– sew sleeves sides, push to back, top stitch
– ease shoulders in, press to arms side and stitch down
– sew collar as per Goddess Andreas’ instructions
– button holes
– hem sleeves and waist

Looks pretty sweet on the inside : )

Holiday Anyone?

Speaking of Andrea – did you see her tip on using glue?  Again, genius. Tools that I find pretty handy included a chopstick for turning the corners, plastic Office Works  clips to hold slippery stuff together and a rolled up towel to replace a sleeve board.  Pretty basic at my place.

Now I have a basic shirt building block to work from, I plan on using the of shirt patterns in the stash to add some details.  I also downloaded this sleeved dress pattern from Lekala as another basic shape that I wear a lot.

Me Rating:  4.5/5  I still cannot believe that I made it.  AND it fits!


Holiday Anyone?

It is the last week of  Project Sewn this week, I am super excited to see what the lovely contestants make.  So much drooling to be done : )

PS – these pants are a recent refashion.  Watch out for the monthly refashion roundup if you like a good renovation.

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