Since January I have been working to a plan to sew some summery clothes.  A plan?  You wouldn’t know it right?  But there really is some order in between the chaos!

I have been keeping track of my Pinspiration here:

The  Sewing With a Plan rules fitted pretty perfectly with what I was planning to make (11 pieces, 3 sets of 3 and 2 wildcards) so I drafted up my ideas based on fabric and clothes already in my stash.  I set some rules for myself – crazy colours and prints using the colours I love, relaxed summer styles, use the stash and some refashions.

My plan was written down in the form of these little sketches.

So how goes it? Click on the titles to see the relevant posts.
Sewing plans

Set 1:  Identity Crisis Set – All 3 pieces have at least 2 ways to wear them

1. Any Way You Like It Dress by Pattern Magic 2. Yet to Come – Variation on Pattern Magic 3. Identity Crises Pencil Skirt

Set 2: Holiday Magic 
4. Holiday Anyone Lekala Shirt (yeah, yeah, I know, it’s not a dress anymore, but way better right?)  5. Yellow Ducky DIY Couture Rain Jacket 6. Yet to come – pieced Ralph Pink Kimono Dress in tunic length in white/greys

Set 3:  Hot Days Set

1 and 2 Basic Singlet Self Drafted and Wrap Singlet Refashion  2 (added in)  Pink Origami Plantain T 3.  Nani Iro Summer Skirt Self Drafted

Set 4: Upcycled and Refashioned 
4. Burda Cropped Floral Jacket 5. Refashioned Pants 6. Yet to come – refashioned dress

The Count So Far = 9/12 Complete

Pretty much everything is getting worn regularly around here with the Summer Skirt, singlet tops and Any Which Way Dress being worn as soon as they get dragged out of the wash.

Some outfits so far:


Holiday Anyone?yellowduckthisismoonlight

Holiday Anyone?the Great T Hunt

Some thoughts:
– I may have set the bar a little low given that I have until April to complete 11 garments!
– Whilst I will go ahead with making no 2 (the pattern magic green tunic top) and 6 (the Ralph Pink kimono top), I am also keen to give making a dress a try.
– And possibly swap in another shirt (the winner in my Mad Man poll will do quite nicely!) for the singlet duo.
– Currently the Burda jacket works with many of my RTW clothes but not the swap items as well so it may get ditched in the final cut.

Does this make sense of the chaos appearing on this blog? : )

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