3 strikes and your out.

Crazy crazy culottes fail – strike 1
Happy clown pants – strike 2
Ridiculously bad fit top – ssssstttttrrrike 3 you’re out Cotton Friend

Breaking Up With Cotton Friend

Look how much room I got in these pants!!
Go on – giggle – you know you wanna!

Breaking Up with Cotton Friend

Breaking Up with Cotton Friend

Cotton Friend Shirt and Pants

Pattern: Cotton Friend Autumn 2012 – cropped pants and bell sleeved top both size L

Fabric: Essex linen for the pants and cotton lawn for the top

Tidbits:  The pants had an elasticated waist so I ended up self drafting a waistband and putting in a side “invisible” zip.

Lessons:  I knew the pants would be baggy but they ended up in that in between place between fitted and baggy on me.  I know the loose tailored look is in but can I really get away with these?  They are super comfortable in the heat so I have actually worn them quite a bit…..walking fashion faux pax??

I have draped the top on me in the pics above.  I only did one side and sleeve before realising the fit was totally, totally wrong.  Whilst wide enough for me generally the shoulders were way too sloped and narrow.  Should have checked.  Now I have made my Lekala shirt that fits, I can totally adopt it to make a simple bell sleeve.

Cucito Magazine Patterns for kids = Awesome-sauce

Cotton Friend Magazine Patterns = Too much mucking about to get them right.  You’re dumped.