My sewing machine has been sadly neglected whilst I’ve been busy having surgery, meeting all sorts of medical professionals and equipment and soon, both types of the breast cancer killing therapies. And getting a new haircut! At first, shock and the shakes stopped me from getting back to my machine, and secondly my almost complete Ailakki jumpsuit has been taunting me as it seems so inappropriate at the moment!

knitting for strength

What has been helping me is knitting! I have never knitted before, but the day before my surgery I purchased some 12 inch wooden needles and some chunky, chunky wool. I learnt to cast on and do a basic stitch whilst waiting. Stitching stopped the shakes and has proved invaluable every time I am feeling nervous or overwhelmed.

Knitting Attempt One!

With such big sticks, and the help of the night nurse I had turned out my first scarf by the time I left hospital and made two mini-me versions in the next week.

Knitting Attempt One!

Chunky Scarves

Pattern: Basic knit stitch, 12 wide for me, 8 wide for the kidlets

Yarn: Chunky wool

Tidbits:  I found U-tube had numerous useful casting on, stitching and casting off videos that were easy to follow.

Lessons:  I had a bit of trouble trying to go back and undo a row, must find good beginners tutorial. I would really love to knit a cardigan but have no idea how to go from this basic start to making functional clothing? I would also love suggestions for patterns that use my chunky needles!

Knitting Attempt One!

On the sewing front I have been thinking about what’s next, I originally planned to do Me Made May but daily photos whilst loosing my hair over the next month might be a little confronting and I would need to sew up a few more pieces as I go along. I guess I could do a very simple pledge like wearing one handmade garment 5 days a week, start taking photos and see how I feel…

To start, I am going to belated complete my Monthly Stitch Mad Men challenge but using up the 5 yards of Nani Iro in a shirt and skirt. Who doesn’t want some double gauze against their skin? Secondly, I am not going to get to finishing the SWAP in time but I am going to go ahead and the make green wool knit into at top or two. Finally, I am thinking a cloche hat would be a cute way to keep a bald head warm.

Any cloche hat pattern suggestions?

I might take me months to work through these three little things, but in the meantime I have plenty of waiting room time to keep on knitting!