‘I, Nicki, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’14. I endeavour to wear one hand made garment 5 days a week for the duration of May 2014′
It was good to have an excuse to get dressed in real clothes this week after my first infusion of chemotherapy,  a treatment plan that I have renamed Pac Man.
6/7 days was a pretty good start, but I forgot to take a photo of two of them.

Me-Made-May 14 Week 1
Day 1: Velvet shorts and Spotty Checkered Jacket

Me-Made-May 14 Week 1

Day 2: Floral Cropped Jacket and Scarf

Day 3: I think I was feeling decidedly poor this day as Pac Man got to work and I have absolutely no recollection of what I wore that day!

Me-Made-May 14 Week 1

Day 4: Holiday Shirt and a trip to the beach to ward off the nausea – excuse the hair!!

Day 5:  Photo fail – but my tracksuit pants and Yellow Ducky Jacket escorted me to my blood test through some light drizzle

Day 6: Photo fail – I went to a pilates class, which may me feel no worse and no better, but then got dressed in my Any Which Way Pattern Magic Dress which did make me feel better : )

Me-Made-May 14 Week 1

Day 7: Playing dress ups with mums new head gear!  Unblogged self drafted T-shirt and scarves.  I also have to blog about the dear deer dress at some stage!

I am feeling a million bucks today as Pac Man seems to have done his work for this round.  Next week is likely to bring more consistent photos and possibly more head gear!
I am off to eat a whole host of delicious foods whilst the appetite is strong….mmmmm food…
Ps – I swear I signed up on the So Zo website but bloglovin ate it…maybe it was hungry too.

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