I did it! I am back on the machine and my poor neglected jumpsuit has a completed zip at last!


 He he – and it’s cute and quirky!


At Last Ailakki

At Last Ailakki

Polka Shorties Ailakki

Pattern: Named Ailakki – size 36

Fabric:  under 1m of Linen left over from Super blokes’ shorts

Ease:  Easier than implied on the pattern – Medium.

MMM14 - Day 9 Evening

Tidbits: I was drawn to this pattern mostly because I love the cut of the pants, and whilst I knew the cross over top was very cool, no one needs to see my white belly so I was always thinking about what to wear underneath.  The concept I decided on was a skinny collared shirt and hence I made my holiday shirt to meet this purpose!  The shirt has been getting plenty of use whilst it waits for its quirky friend.

Lessons:  I left all sorts of fudge factors in the seam allowances to allow room to move whilst fitting, in the end, I would have been just fine without any adjustments, and in some cases my variable seam allowances made things a bit wobbly up top.  I like the fit, but note that the waistband being lined and interfaced doesn’t have as much stretch as the rest of the garment (I allowed for the powers of linen to bag out in choosing the size) so it is quite snug around the mid section.

When cutting out, I had so little fabric and was playing pattern tetris so intently that I cut two of the top front pieces in the same direction.  I didn’t have any spare, so a bit of a snip, flip and fabric marker saved the day!

I really love them with my little renovated jacket. Something I did before I could sew a straight line about 10 years ago!

Score: Despite the quirks I like these way more than I thought I would, specially with a little extra coverage!  3.5/5

MMM- Day 10

Couldn’t resist a little mini-me action again – both wearing all me-mades for MMM Day 10.  Kidlets jumpsuit is based on this great Runway shorties tutorial by It’s Always Autumn.

At Last Ailakki

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