Week 2 was so much fun! I was feeling well so I challenged myself to wear all me made’s and post them in the flickr group daily and also got instagram up and running.  My me mades are print-tastic so I got a bit creative at times ….

MMM 14 Day 8 Day 8: floral on floral on floral…Summer skirt and a jacket that I renovated about 10 years and I had forgotten about until this very moment!  Vintage shirt.  pardon the wind.

MMM14 Day 9
Day 9: Stretch skirt and the very first top I made myself, traced off an existing top that I love and full of quirks.  I wore my yellow ducky jacket in the squalls of rain again. This outfit was super comfy.

At Last Ailakki Day 9 – Eve: After trying on my new Ailakki jumpsuit and Holiday Shirt, it just kind of stayed on for dinner…

MMM- Day 10

Day 10: .. and jumped back on the next day with my newly discovered blazer again. Winner!  Kidlet is also in jumpsuit, hat and blazer made by me.  This outfit clearly made me smile : )

MMM14 Day 11

MMM14 Day 11

Day 11: Pink for Mothers Day: Burda jacket, plaintain T, summer skirt and my Yellow Ducky got its first wear with the pink side out.

MMM Day 12
Day 12: I was really comfortable and colourful today, I love this dress when I walk it does all sorts of satisfactory swishy things. I made up the wool jersey plantain worn underneath the night before and I expect you will see it a lot more in the coming days! The obi belt was hand made by a dear friend.

MMM Day 13 Wool Jersey Plantain Day 13: A twist on Day 1’s outfit: spotty checkered jacket, green plantain and velvet culottes.  I have decided that teal and maroon go together in my crazy colour world.

MMM Day 14: Pattern Magic Take 2 Day 14: More teal/mint/maroon experimentation with my new Pattern Magic hospital gown…I mean dress. Reverse side of aforementioned hand made Obi.

In the end, I completed 3 makes this week and a whole of week of combinations never worn together before.  I cannot pick a favourite from the week, but I do think the mini-me day made me smile the most.
Having no access to jeans meant that my tights got a serious workout, and I have pulled out a pattern to make some of my own hand next time I am in need.  I don’t miss my jeans yet so am going to keep them in the closet for now.
I am also super jealous of all the me made cardigans out there, so have me some yarn, some needles and a Miette pattern…
I think I have successfully moved to a wardrobe where teal is the neutral colour!  Woohoo.  The sewing mojo is back : )

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