Week 3 of 4 done!  This week I allowed myself a few more non me-made items as I had the extra challenge of coordinating head gear as my hair has started to fall out thanks to Pac Man (my code name for chemo if you are new to the blog).

MMMay Day 15
Day 15: I rode my bike a bit today so Ailakki got another play date with an old beloved jumper.  I was comfy in this outfit but getting naked to pee was getting on my nerves..

MMMDay16 Day 16: Arrrggg, the kidlets and I decided we were pirates for the day after they saw my outfit! Holiday Shirt is always happy to go to a desert island. These pants were out for the first time, as I don’t really like them, but I felt a bit more love for them by the end of the day.

MMMay Day17 Day 17: I wanted to wear something to go with this beautiful little cloche gifted from some lovely peeps, so I went all monochromatic.  Well, I tried!  It’s as close as I am going to get.  I really need to wash this skirt now!  I’ve lost count of how many times its been worn now. The zebra shirt is a refashion, the jacket is another closet staple RTW for the last 10 years or so.

MMMay Day 18

MMMay Day 18

Day 18: Many of my makes are to specifically to go with some of my wardrobe treasures.  These treasures are my Grandma’s skirt and trench coat, worn with my plantain wool jersey top and scarf.  This day was a lot like the picture: part sunny, part rainy and sullen!

MMMay Day19 Day 19: My least favourite outfit so far!  I was comfy but it doesn’t quite work – top, jacket me made and refashioned pants.  The beaded scarf is gorgeous and voluminous so will wear it a bit I think!

MMMay Day 20

MMMay Day 20

Day 20: Woohoo. New hot pink shorts and a very rough unhemmed self drafted T that has been worn to death since I made it in Jan!    I got comments from people where-ever I went this day so my smile got bigger and bigger.  It rained on and off so yellow ducky got out and about again too.

mmmAY dAY 20 Day 21:  Such a comfortable day when feeling oh, so sleepy.  All woolly pattern magic dress with bamboo tights, rtw cardigan and a another friend made Obi.  And another scarf tie method.  Going to be an expert at this soon!

I am off to get another round of Pac Man today so the next week is likely to be a lot more challenging.  I suspect my PJ’s will get a good work out : )

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