We interrupt this me, me, me series as

My lovely niece is turning 1!

Pink Waterfall

So I made something sweet like her!
Pink Waterfall

Pink Waterfall

Pink Waterfall

Pattern:  Based on an A-Line bodice in Cucito Spring 2013 80cm

Fabric:  Pinwale cord from op shop (thrifted) and the trim is from an amazing care package that contained this and other treasures from Kimono House : )

Ease:  Easy

Tidbits: This collar was originally inspired by Trine’s version which comes from a book in another language far, far away.  I drafted it to fit a size 3 bodice from a vintage New Look pattern by following the following steps:

1. On lightweight paper trace the neck line and shoulders of the pattern you are using

2.  Sketch out the shape of the collar you want once folded

3, Cut out this shape and work on half of the collar first before mirroring

4.Make cuts in the paper where you want the pleats to be and sticky tape in paper pleats

5. Shape the neckline of the “pleats” whilst folded and shape the base whilst unfolded – repeat.

Hmm, not the best instructions but it is a start.   Oh wait, someone else did a better one – check out Sew Pony.

I have used this collar several times now. It made a pretty cute deer dress.

Deer dress

I have since used it on a size 4 and size 1 sized bodices from the same pattern:

Spot the Who dresses

and now a different pattern, so I think this collar can be used on most necklines from say a size 1 to 5, folding it slightly differently to fit.

By Hand London posted a great tip on making bias tape using a pin recently so I gave it a whirl and it worked a treat.

Lessons: I lined the front and finished the insides with french seams as I wanted the insides to look pretty too given that this is a gift. Probably should have flat felled but I hate flat felling. I burn my fingers. There I said it.

Kidlet Rating: Kidlet decided its a winner 4/5