Genius or Madness? Setacular Upcycle

This outfit was completely unplanned!  On a whim I saw this  Mexican (?) blanket sitting high on the shelf during Oonapalooza month and I became obsessed with the idea of making a matchy matchy set.  The fabric is Oona inspired, the chevron is obviously all Sophie and the craziness is all me.

My hair is growing back slowly and in an awkward fashion (I may have been nicknamed Kiwifruit!) so I will be rocking the head gear for a while longer too.   This one fits in quite well with the craziness : )

Genius or Madness?

Repurposed Setacular

PatternBurdastyle 02/2014  121 and 113 size 38

Fabric: Secondhand blanket which already had chunks taken out of it by someone else.  I had a miserly 1.5x1m remnant to work with.  So bad at getting before photos but I promise that I only had a tiny triangle scrap left at the end of it all!

Ease: Easy sewing

Tidbits: I had such little fabric that I matched where I could and cut a bit of length off both the top and the bottom.  I really wanted the chevron so all sorts of pattern tetris was played!  In the end the side seam of the skirt had to be slightly out.  The ribbon trim was originally there to finish the hems but on stitching them up I was a little uncomfortable with how much mummy tummy and leg was on show.

Genius or Madness?

Before I unpicked the hems my in-house fashion adviser suggested that it needed a little something MORE to tie it all together.  MORE?!  But look at these crazy stripes and colours, won’t more make it even crazier?? So I unpicked the hems and was pondering what this elusive  MORE thing could be when it struck that the ribbon was it!   The MORE that turns crazy into deliberately crazy.  Genius or madness I am not sure which!

I ditched the facings on the shirt and used the edge of the blanket instead.  Without interfacing  the back of the neckband is a little floppy but I like the look of it so kept it.  And the frills in the pattern, I obviously wasn’t using those. I also moved the zip from its awkward position at the front of the skirt to the side.

Genius or Madness? Setacular Upcycle

Lessons: I must admit that this wasn’t my finest sewing effort.  The fabric kept stretching out on ironing and sewing and I was saying to myself “it’s behaving like a knit” without doing anything about it.  After cursing most of the seams I eventually changed my settings to knit settings (on my old machine, this meant cranking the tension down, add a slight zig zag, lengthening the stitch length and changing to a stretch needle)  and hey presto things started to go more smoothly.

The skirt pattern has a lovely curved waistband which I like a lot. The skirt sits lower than I have been wearing things lately so I might play around with that the next time I try the skirt pattern.

Genius or Madness? Setacular Upcycle

Despite the craziness of this outfit, it is super comfortable to wear, the top moves cheekily as you walk and will continue to work post mastectomy (in a week!) I can see myself using both of these pieces on their own, as we all know pattern clashing is also one of my specialties!

Me Rating: 3/5 Still deciding if it’s genius or madness!

It is Repurpose, Reuse, Refashion month at Sew Amy Sew so bust out the second hand goodies and remake them into something crazy 🙂 And if you need more two piece setacular inspiration check out Ada Spragg’s drool worthy makes.  Be warned – you can spend hours on her blog mesmerised by her genius!

Genius or Madness? Setacular Upcycle

This ones out of focus, but I am actually in love with the look of it.  More blurry photos may be in order…