Little Miss Kidlet has grown. A lot. Do they ever stop doing that?

Perfect excuse to try out some new (may have owned these for over 6 months cough cough) patterns for her.

Louisa Dress

First up is the lovely, sweet, Louisa. I just love the lines!   A little bit of Belgium in a dress.

Louisa Dress

And those pockets!

Louisa Dress

Louisa Dress

Pattern: Louisa Dress by Compagnie M, size 4 (on my tall 3 year old)

Fabric: Thrifty finds of just the right size and matchy-ness, oh lucky day! The blue is a brushed twill, the pocket a quilting cotton fabric.

Ease: Medium

Tidbits: One great thing about this pattern – all the options – which led to one not so great thing – the PDF was ginormous for a little persons dress!  You have been warned.

I am a touch late making this dress as winter is over here in Perth!  So I made it the size up hoping it will be good for next year.  Whilst there is a generous amount of hem to let down if I need, it is not as roomy as I expected, especially in this thicker fabric. Don’t grow too much little Miss!

Louisa Dress

Lessons:  I didn’t have an invisible zip so I happily inserted my standard zip using the old baste the seam shut, sticky tape it down, sew up the sides, unpick the seam trick.  This worked great until I went and read the instructions (which I must admit confused me at times) a little further and realised I had the order all wrong, making finishing the top of the zip and lining a awkward.  For some reason I am SOOO NOT patient when making stuff for my kids, I just want it done wham-bam and on their little bodies.   Sooo, instead of unpicking, I fudged some acceptable finishes and promise to do it better next time.    Promise. 

Kidlet Rating:  5/5 smitten (mum also thinks this might be our go to winter dress for the next few years or so)

That’s right, ditch the bear and get your model on girl : )

Louisa Dress

Ready for the second, not so successful make?   At least I can blame pac man for this one.  Wowsers, so much went wrong!Raindrops

Knit Upsidedown Raindrops Dress

Pattern: Cotton Friend Boys T-shirt pattern with a wide collar band, with an intended gathered skirt on the bottom

Fabric: Organic Cotton Jersey

Ease: Should have been simples..

Tidbits: OMG, I am not sure where to start. Did you notice that I even cut the raindrops upside-down?  The short version is – I wanted to use this top pattern for the bodice, but it turned out waaaay to wide, my original collar didn’t have enough stretch, and I didn’t leave enough fabric for a gathered skirt.  Yep, I stuffed up the cutting, the pattern was a fail and one of my fabric choices was bad.  To make it wearable I unpicked the collar, put a little box pleat in the front and back and put a new collar band on.  Get it outta my sewing room.  hurrumph.

Lessons: I really haven’t had any luck with Cotton Friend, so I really will dump it this time.   Cucito patterns have been perfect for my kidlets shapes so I am not sure what that’s all about.  Also, sometimes brain farts happen.

Kidlet Rating: 3/5 She wears it, and I shove a cute cardigan care of a very talented aunty over the top : )

RaindropsNext time I am back with Little Miss Kidlet I hope to have another more refined Louisa dress and she has requested “a long T-shirt dress” …. lets see how I go with that one!