Isn’t that the jumpsuit pattern?

Ailakki the Skirt

Sure is!  This pattern has been working hard!
Ailakki the Skirt

I’ve been sewing all the red things, and this red mini was born of the scraps of other makes.  I needed a mini pattern and wasn’t prepared to wait for the seemingly perfect Vogue pattern to be posted (although offering baked goods to Perth sewists in exchange for pattern tracing did cross my mind).  I knew that the fit and waistline of the Ailakki was perfect in this fabric and so the Ailakki skirt was born!

Ailakki Skirt

Pattern: Named Ailakki – size 36

Fabric:  under 1m of pinwale corduroy from the stash

Ease:  Easier than implied on the pattern – Medium.

Ailakki the Skirt

Tidbits: to get the skirt pattern I simple placed the top center front along the fold and then cut the base and sides as per the pattern effectively cutting out the crotch curve.  I did the same for the back, without cutting on the fold.

This skirt has convinced me to use this pattern for One Week, One Pattern which starts today with this being my first outfit!  Check in on instagram or here next weekend to see all the different ways I wore the “jumpsuit”!

Lessons:  Need to work out what caused the little kink under the zip…

Score:    4/5 I can see this skirt being super useful, not sure I would try use the pattern in this way again but it was a good exercise in pattern flexibility!

Ailakki the Skirt


And whilst we are talking about making doubles…

Red Cloche

PatternMadeline by Elsewhen Millinery downloadable PDF

Fabric: thrifted wool and silk.

Ease: Simple

Tidbits: So after my first make I decided to make the seams a little larger (1.5cm) and the fit is excellent now.  I also interfaced both sides of the brim with a thinner interfacing and it is a little stiffer than the last version but still pliable.  Winner.

I finished this hat off with two special brooches, one from each of my grandmothers!

Red Cloche


I also left a gap in the lining so that I could machine sew the outer and lining together (right sides together with the brim in between) and effectively flip the whole thing right side out by pulling it out of the hole.  This gave me a much more secure finish than the ribbon method, as i don’t trust my hand stitching!

Red Cloche

Lessons:  I might play with sewing the brim a touch higher next time.

Score:    4/5 I love this pattern and feel like the more you make hats the better the final product will be.


Oh, if you are wondering where this lovely vest is from – it’s handmade by Bobbins and Bliss who sold(stills sells?) at the Rose Street Artist Markets in Melbourne.  It was my “linen” wedding anniversary present a few years back and it is super happy to have more bottoms to play with (hmm, your mind, not mine!)

If you want to see me with mud on my noggin instead of a hat, I had a chat about breast cancer at the talented Anna’s blog – Mother of a Mindset – this week.  That’s all from this cheeky monkey for now!

Ailakki the Skirt


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