My family is gorgeously artistic and I love making things with them so I thought I would start a little series where I can record things we do together.  You hear that family – we gonna make stuff.

To kick things off with a bang I thought I would open the series with my wedding dress.  A brain child of mine that without my mum would have been impossible.


My mum is an artist and has always painted for a living.  Her paintings are big, bright and vivid and I grew up surrounded by colour.    It’s where I get my love of colour from!

Mum learnt to sew clothes when I was young but I have never seen her making anything from a pattern. Instead she uses a wonderfully unique combination of draping, piecing and painting to make her own one-off gems.   Her wedding outfit is a stella example!

Mum taught me to sew straight lines when I was young but I never had the patience to learn anything more.  I think mum is secretly happy (and surprised) that I am learning to  sew my own clothes.
FamilycollaborationsweddingSo back to the dress and how it happened!

I had a clear idea of what I wanted in a dress and had collected vintage kimono and obi pieces, and bought a secondhand bodice to make it work.  I needed mums sewing skills to make it come to life.   Happily, she took my sketch and hand waving directions and ran with it!  To firm up the design mum draped the fabrics on me, tied the obis around and around, until we agreed that we had a plan that would work.

FamilycollaborationsweddingMum then painstakingly pieced together the origami skirt panel and sewed everything together with no help from me.  I adore this dress and will treasure it always.  There is just so much of me and my mum wrapped up in it. No one can replace that.