With a mon-key! Or in our case a bunch of them..

Fam of monkeys

This is what happens when a photoshoot gets hijacked by some monkeys and a 3 year old directing the action and pressing the shutter.  Enjoy : )

Fam of monkeys

Fam of monkeys

Fam of monkeys


Basics for Head Monkey

Pattern: T-shirt Bodice (used here and here) and Thread Theory Jedediahs

Fabric:  Blue French Terry from Potters Textiles and Nani Iro Fleece from Calico and Ivy

Ease:  Easy
Fam of monkeys

Tidbits: Our head monkey was in dire need of some basics so I made some simple simples.   The pants were just a loose trace  around the Jedediahs with some elastic added at the top.

Score:    4/5 I think the PJ pants are his most worn ever, I’m not sure they’ve had time to get in the wash very often since I made them about 4 months ago.  The fabric was expensive but they are wearing really well.


A T For the Ring Leader

Pattern: Self Drafted

Fabric: thrifted knit

Ease: Simple
Fam of monkeys
Tidbits: The bits and pieces for the T-shirt were in the UFO box for almost a year now, so I finally decided just to throw caution to the wind and just hack a pattern into the fabric.  I envisioned a drop shoulder oversized top and I guess that’s what I got, but the effect is pretty comical!  When the tiger looked way too serious for the comical nature of the top – I whacked a party hat on his head.

Lessons:  I would have got better results if I bothered to trace a pattern, but then again, it may still be sitting in the UFO pile.

Kidlet Score:    5/5 He loves this top and cannot wait for it to get out the wash.  I’m a little embarrassed but its slap dash nature but who am I to deny a little boy a party hat wearing tiger.

Bikey Wenona

PatternNamed Wenona Shirt/Dress –  size 38

Fabric:  Bike fabric courtesy of generous Helen (Funk Bunny) who sent me a gorgeous care pack of fabrics plus some Japanese linen from my stash.
Fam of monkeys
Ease:  Medium.
Fam of monkeys
Tidbits:  This was my second Wenona so I made a couple of adjustments (first here).  I raised the front and back pieces at the shoulder line by 1cm (decreasing the shoulder slope). This seemed to ease the pulling at the shoulder but I will add another cm next time to eliminate it.  I also took in the waist a little.  I didn’t have enough wee bikes for a collar so went for a mandarin version instead.  I also used tricot interfacing this time and it is much softer that the standard weight I used in the first version.

The insides are all pretty with flat felled and french seams throughout.
Fam of monkeys

Lessons: My machine (a vintage Bernina Record) is very awesome at making button holes but my button hole opening tools (seam ripper and massive shears) leave much to be desired and I felt like I was making a meal of Bernina’s work every hole.  Must invest in something better..

Score:  4/5 For me this shirt seems very tame, but I can see it getting a lot of use : ) Yay, bikes!
Fam of monkeys

Think this is my favourite photo shoot ever.

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