My last bathers have had problems holding it together in the surf, so I thought it high time I stopped flashing my bum and made myself a more sturdy pair.

Togs take 3

Oooh, look at me, stepping away from the white wall! and giving you all a bit of beach action.

Togs take 3

This pair ticks all the boxes.  Comfy, sturdy and a goodly amount of booty coverage.

Togs take 3


Pattern:  Self Drafted bottoms traced from my favourite undies,   Alley Cat Romper bodice

Fabric:   Black and White – Refashioned size 18 tankini top.  Red stripes and lining bought new last year.

Green Notes:  Obviously the refashioned pair gets a big tick.  New swimwear fabric is synthetically made, which has greenhouse, water and toxicity implications.  Bam bam.  The only plus is that the fabric is fit for purpose and should last as a result. This post has a nice summary of how the fashion industry is approaching the sustainability issues of swimwear, which does imply that there are better fabrics out there.  For me, now my swim fabric stash is all used up, I will do my part to source second hand in the future, or perhaps even look into vintage construction techniques (I borrowed Vintage Swimwear by Jill Salen from the library recently and highly recommend it.)

Ease: Medium

See Also: Kidlets versions of the romper

Togs take 2

Togs take 2

Tidbits: Firstly, if you want to feel like you are wearing your favourite undies on the beach.  Trace your favourite undies, you wont regret it.

For the bottoms, I thought I wanted high rise, boy legs like my last pair.  On finishing the black pair above, I decided that a little less high rise, nanna panting action was in order.  I scoop out the front legs and lowered the top and I think I have found the magic height.  I’m calling it sporty.

I used Papercut’s tutorial to sew the bottoms together.

So yes, I am wearing an upsized toddlers pattern on top.  The day that I realised that I could upsize my kidlets patterns to fit me, was a revelation.   To upsize the top from a toddlers size 3 to my size, I used the technique in Create the Perfect Fit, essentially a slash and spread technique focused around the bust line. I had made up a test bodice (currently being made into a romper!) and I thought it would make the perfect bikini top. If anyone wants a tutorial let me know, it should work with breasts too… I think I have proved that this technique means you can make a pattern of any size fit you!

Lessons:   I had a tough time getting some of the elastic seams to play ball.  They kept dragging in places.  I repicked a few times and I am pretty happy with the end result when worn.  There are spots that could be improved, but I just had to put the unpicker down and get in the ocean.

Score:  4/5 Swimming success that should see me through the year!  

Togs take 3

So what do you think?  Did I put the unpicker down at the right time?  And I hope you didn’t mind not getting the white wall today : )