Who’s In and Interested

Firstly, thank you to all of you who shown interest in the project and especially the brave souls who have already thrown their hats in for the outfit adventure.  There has been some discussion about working in local groups, and I think this is a winning idea.

So that you can see if there are others to chat to locally, here is a rough geographical list of interested sewcialists:

Perth –  Carolyn (In), Sue (In), Megan (In) and Me

SydneyRosie (In), Susan

Melbourne Helen (In), Reduce,reuse,recycle

NSW – Raquel

New Zealand – Libby

UK – Elle (In), Steely seamstressRachel, Zoe

North America – Jess (In), Debbie, Morgan, Ericka, Rebecca, Mari, Tasha, Threadlover

GermanyUte , Jule and Silvia


Have I missed you?  Did I get something wrong? let me know : )

Note that the local area in WA is quite large (500km round), and you may also find you need to go a little further to find fibre that meets the goal.  Everyone is free to set the local area that works for them.  I see this project as a learning process, to be frank, I have no idea if I will have anything to wear at the end of the day. I invite you all to dabble as suits your time and inclination!

How to Post

If you post an update or photos on your progress use the hashtag #1year1outfit and I will find you! I have made a Pinterest Board to link to posts and will do occasionally do round ups here.  The logo is available to grab from Flickr.

My Outfit Plan For the Year

So this is what I think my year will look like.  Until the end of April I plan on researching fibre options and visiting some farms, mills and suppliers. At the end of April, I hope to have enough information to make a decision on which fibres to use and what kind of processing they will need to be made into cloth. I then plan on using May to September to getting any spinning, weaving, knitting, felting or other cloth making shenanigans done. I am super excited about the natural dye part of this project so I am proposing a natural dye retreat in May where we all get together and share knowledge and trial different techniques on sample collected.   By October I will firm up my design and getting sewing and doing final dye batches from October.  Phew.

Perth folks, get in touch if you are keen on site visits, dye retreat or stash swapping and I will email the group with more information soon.


I also plan on sharing interviews with some knowledgeable folks along the way fitting in with the bimonthly topics above.

How I Plan to Manage My Stash

One aspect of my project that seems to have gotten people thinking is buying no new fabric that doesn’t meet the aims of the project.  I wanted to throw a few ideas out there I am planning on using to get me through the year:

– I have planned my makes based on my stash – I love colour coding my stash and then dreaming up wardrobes to fit.  I have lovely colourful sketches for three mini wardrobes (navy, purple/grey and…you guessed it, teal) all drawn up that I will pick and choose my way through over the year.  I have managed to work in a vintage pattern pledge too, and I think this approach fits well with the wardrobe architect project too if you are following along there.

– Local Stash Swap – hold a stash swap day mid year with Perth sewing ladies : )

– Online Stash Swap – I am going to try using the hashtag #stashswap in Instagram to post fabrics I am happy to swap in exchange for a few bits and piece I need.  I have a need for knit fabric so if anyone likes the look of any of these watch out on Instagram for a #stashswap! (Yes, that is purple velvet you see..)

Stashswap 2015

– A Mend and Make Do Me Made May – This year I plan to use Me Made May to mend and remake any garments that are not working for me rather than making new things.

– And finally, if all else fails – buy secondhand – thrift/charity shops, markets, car boot sales, ebay and etsy all have treasures to be found.

So go on, reach out and invite other crafters along to site visits, stash swaps or workshops, and the road will be merry.

Any other questions give me a shout!