KWC Dads Pinafore

Usually when I upcycle an old garment I try to make the garment something completely new so that you wouldn’t know what it was previously.  This time I wanted to make it more obvious, as both kidlet and super bloke really love the fact that she wears his old shirts.

KWC Dads Pinafore


Pattern:  Vintage Simplicity View 3
KCW Das Pinafore

Fabric:   Dad’s Shirt

KCW Das Pinafore

Green Notes:  Winning!

Ease: Medium

See Also: Last years dads shirt dress which is still in heavy rotation

Tidbits: Thanks to Kids Clothes Week for having the theme of Upcycled this week, I rifled through the box of clothes to upcycle and was stoked to find this shirt which is a fairly close match to the school uniform. Both kidlets started at a new “big” school this year but only being in Kindy Miss 3 doesn’t have a uniform.  So I wanted to make a school dress out of dad’s shirt that she could wear on her first day.

I found this 80’s pattern and was originally thinking of cutting up the sleeves to make view 3, but in my sleep I realised that using the cuffs would be way cooler!

KWC Dads Pinafore

I used the bodice of the pattern only and played with how I wanted to use the pockets and buttons, I used the back of the shirt for the front and the front for the back, unpicking one pocket to put on the front.  As it is she can wear it either way around which I like.

I bias bound the edges of the bodice which took me a couple of goes to work out how to incorporate the sleeves. In the end I bound the tops first and then the sides.

Lessons: I really thought I had the right needle in, but after seeing the huge clomp marks it made on unpicking I realised I was sewing with a 90/10 heavy needle.  Doh.  

Score: 4/5  she adores it as her new Kindy dress and dad adores his shirt in its new format too.

KWC Dads Pinafore

Kidlet on upcycling.  Eyeing my Nani Iro dress admiringly, she says “Mum I like that dress…when you are finished with it you can cut it up and make me something with it.”  hmmm…

I was featured on KCW! FEB 2015