Me Made May was going along smoothly, I did a good bout of mending and had plenty to wear, I was snapping a quick photo every morning….and then I snapped.  I got really, really gobsmackingly bored.   So inspired by some 60’s avant guarde posing advice, I did a little wall pose…

MMM15 Day 11

It worked, it made me laugh and taking a normal picture became a lot easier! Before I knew it, a self imposed creative challenge was born. I busted out the classic moves, the broken doll…

MMM Day 14

MMM15 Day 26

Some casual draping…

MMM15 Day 18

and superman

MMM15 Day 22

For the full set, go visit my instagram!  For those who followed along here are some out takes especially for you to get fresh giggles on..

A kooky clown

MMM15 Day 28

Mr Bean

MMM15 Day 19

Stretching it

MMM15 Day 25

And my personal favorite…. the moment when I realised I could not fit in a hula hoop!!

MMM15 Day 29

For those of you that care about what I wore, here’s a whole bunch of mini mes, which if you click, have links to the original blog posts.  How’s that!

But before you head down that rabbit hole, tell me, which kind of pictures would you prefer to see in this blog?  Do you like the craziness or would you prefer I just stand still and show you the goods?

Round Up