Warning, there is a whole load of bottom in this post.  I made this fabric that I dyed with native plants into jeans, jeans, jeans!

GingersPattern: Ginger Jeans view B size 10 Fabric:  Bamboo Twill from Potters Fabric naturally dyed with Peppermint Tree, wattle and bottlebrush as per this post.

Ease:  Medium Gingers

Green Notes: When I bought this fabric over a year ago I believed that bamboo was a lower impact choice.  Now I understand that whilst bamboo fabric has some great properties it is actually an energy and water intense production process, similar to viscose.  This article is an interesting read (or this one if you are feeling technical) if you want to know more about the pros and cons. It seems it is not an open/shut case.

See Also: Soooo many versions of this pattern around the web. Sallie, Sasha are two of my favourites but there is a whole pinterest board for your viewing pleasure.

GingersTidbits:  I didn’t have many troubles making these up as per the instructions, but I wish I had read the sewalong a little earlier in the process as I may have had to less work on the crotch area with the new revised pattern, rather than the one I printed several months ago.  After basting, I spent some time fiddling with the front crotch curve (yep, I just said that) and ended up removing a whole 2cm and taking in the inseam a good deal too.   Gingers

Lessons: This picture above highlights a few of the tweaks I’d make second time around.  The other advantage of the new pattern pieces is that they have new pocket pieces that attached across the entire front as these suckers want to go walking a little northwards.

After wearing a little, as I did today, the fabric stretches a bit and I could possibly have taken more in from the knee to thigh area to limit wrinklage.  These are snug at the calves so no need to make adjustments there : ) Honest thoughts on tightness levels appreciated!

Finally, I have noted that I need a slight curve to the back waistband.  In this version, I made a teeny tuck.

Score: 4/5 The fabric is soft and comfortable, and I really, really needed a pair of jeans. I had zero operational pairs until today.  I’m a bit torn as to whether I will make the skinny jeans again or go for a more 70’s style flared pant with some actual denim I have been saving.

This beautiful silk scarf dyed with peppermint leaves is also awaiting its transformation into top..