My gorgeous sister is now a Mrs!

And two wee girls were happy to be part of the day in their new


Flower Girls Dresses

Pattern:  Alley Cat Romper bodice, gathered rectangle skirt, size 3 and 5

Fabric:  The lace and knit remnants of the dress used in making my outfit, and the same cotton silk for the skirt. I used the final scraps to knit myself a necklace too.

Notions:  Beads and ribbon from Beads and Co and Spotlight respectively


Ease: Easy

See Also: Jessica’s tutorial for making a dress from the romper, and this very rad version by Needle and Ted

Tidbits: I made zero changes to the pattern having made it before several times.

Before lining the bodice my mum helped me handstitch beads onto the lace to make the dresses a little more blingy for the two girls who are both firmly in a princess or nothing stage. This picture was from the day after – a bit crinkly and covered in honey – but it shows the beading beautifully.


Lessons: The lace had minimal stretch so I could have (should have?) added a zip as things are a little squeezey getting in and out, but I decided to wait til after the wedding as time was tight.  Both dresses are now back on my sewing table to put a side zip in so they can dress themselves.

Kidlet Score: 5/5 nothing says love like wearing the dress again the next day