lean greensSuper bloke earns his title for so many reasons.

This bloke lets me sleep in every morning while he gets the kids breakfast.

This bloke always considers how I am going to get through my day or week before he leaves.  He will throw a load in the washing machine or go to the shops to stock up before he heads off.

This bloke is cool, calm and collected when I need it most and can take the edge of tired stressed kids in an instant.

lean greens

This bloke looked after me selflessly when I was sick, even we he himself was ill and had to keep working.

This bloke has introduced me to more cool sports than I can count on one hand, and always waits for me at the next corner.

lean greens

This bloke can pack 4 people, bikes and camping gear for 10 days into one station wagon.

This bloke gave me his sleeping bag because it is thicker.

This bloke lets me write his nickname on his bum and put silly photos of him on the Internet.

Merry Christmas Super Bloke.

lean greens

Lean Green Summer Jeans

Pattern:  Jedediah Pants by Thread Theory, size 32

Fabric:  Stretch Green Denim from Deep Stash, originally a coupon bought in Paris

Green Notes:  I bought this denim well before I thought much about the provenance of my cloth. It does seem to be of a great quality, my sons pair of jeans in the same fabric has lasted 3 years of hard wear and still looks good.

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Tidbits:  I had only a few hours to make these so took advantage of my new overlocker to cut down the sewing time.   I overlocked the seams and faux felled the inseam and yoke.  I also cut the waistband and belt loops on the selvedge so i did not have to finish those edges.


The back pocket design was drawn up by super bloke at my request.

Lessons: This is the fourth time I have sewn this pattern and there has been a decent gap since the last pair.  In that time, I really feel like I my skills have improved dramatically as this pair came together so easily and smoothly.    Super bloke has lost a little muscle mass since I made my fitting adjustments but I decided to keep a bit of roominess in these as he is back to exercising more and I didn’t want those quads busting out again.

Score: 4.5/5 (he likes to give me some room for improvement)