20 things in 2015

1. made all of my new clothes

2. saw Kylie in concert
3. unloaded a giant wood fired kiln and went home looking like a chimney sweep
4. watched the native flowers bloom and the noongar seasons pass
5. stalked swans
6. knitted an actual piece of clothing
7. patted an alpaca
8. learnt to weave
9. became a scavenger of leaf litter and fallen flowers and made a dress in their colours
10. made a rad jacket
11. visited my gorgeous new nephew in London
12. whilst there met a whole bunch of new sewing friends
12. learnt to felt
13. napped
14. let my sense of humour run a little wild
15. learnt to mend
16. dyed my hands blue with 4 kinds of indigo
17. bought very few pieces of new fabric and almost everything I made was either completely second hand components or had elements of it.
18. got covered in clay, often
19. made an outfit entirely by hand from local materials
20. saw a part of my state that is so beautiful it made me cry



My Favourites and Most Worn 1. Fibershed #1year1outfit  2. Drape drape chameleon dress  and refashioned cardigan 3. Tania culottes and  Zac’s Tank 4. Tail’s dress 5. Upcycled shirt and Naturally dyed Ginger Jeans 6. Green jumpsuit 7. Swing jumpsuit 8. Full moon set 9. Bikini