Melbourne 16


Have you seen the growing list of textile lovers signed up to make locally sourced outfits with me this year?   I am really excited to have you all on board, welcome!

Meanwhile, big changes have happened in my world!  I now live on the opposite side of the country, which means that while my family is now 4 hours flight away (sniff), we have settled back into our home in Melbourne which is full of art, life and memories.

I jumped straight into things feeling it was the best way to feel at home again.  The most exciting of which is an 8 shaft weaving course with Ilka White, which is opening my mind up to the world of possibilities that weaving presents and I will show you more soon.

Amongst the move, and the jumping into new things, I forgot about my other new state. The state of my body.  The fragile and tired state of my body.  In Perth, I had found a quiet rhythm that helped me get through the days without falling into a heap.  But on my return to Melbourne, my mind wants to return to days full of action, but my body just cannot keep up.

I am feeling the loss of the old me, the me pre cancer who lived here, the one who had seemingly boundless energy. I am feeling frustration that I am not back to my old self, as I start to accept for the first time that  the exhaustion I feel may not be a temporary thing, but a permanent state of being.

So my first challenge in my new state is to accept this new state.  To work with it and to ease back into life.

I went for a walk today to snap shots of this merino cowl neck top, as I made it, and two more for the kids, in January but keep failing to get a good shot.  Well, I think the shot doesn’t say too much about the top, but it does tell my story for you…and perhaps that is even better.


Merino Cowl Necks 

Patterns:    my knit dress block and kids Ottobre 2012 38 Boys T Size 134 , sewn with larger seam allowances for my youngest.  (I really like this issue of Ottobre and have used it for all my kids knit basics if you find one around.)

Fabric:   2.7m Natural Colour NZ merino knit from the Fabric Store

Green Notes:   Aside from a tag that says the wool is farmed in the NZ Southern Alps I am unsure at to how it is processed.  I am going to take it on as my first #1year1outfit 2016 mini project to find out!

I dyed the wool in 3 natural dye colours, mine is Gardenia, the kids were solar dyed with purple carrot and a weak indigo honey lime vat (Using this method).

Tidbits:  These came together easily fairly easily. I used every last scrap of the merino knit but varying the cowls a little on each one.  Construction was done on the over-locker, which I am slowly getting to grips with.

Score: 5/5 natural fibers, natural colours, super useful, super warm, what’s not to love.