Look, look!  I made cloth.  Lots and lots of cloth!

Rosalea, the West Aussie alpaca, is finally starting to look like a garment after a lazy 40  hours or so at the giant floor loom in the Guild here in Melbourne.  I will write more on the process soon, but for now wanted to take this chance to soak in the achievement.


The Fibershed project has been getting a little attention lately in Melbourne thanks to the support of the Handweavers, Spinners and Dyers Guild.   In June,  I  teamed up with Fibershed Melbourne founder Rachel Bucknell and made a presentation at the Guild to a full house.  It was such a lovely, warm evening, and I was touched by all the support we received afterwards.   It was so successful that the Guild has invited us back to talk again on Sunday on August 28.  Click here for booking details.  If you are keen to know more, or are keen to host a separate event, you can read the press release or contact us on 1year1outfit (at) gmail.com

Rachel and I are slowly working on ways to build the Melbourne Fibershed community and are keen to hear from anyone that wants to get involved.    Excitingly, we have started processing local alpaca at a mini mill, as a trial of how group processing might work in the future.  A Melbourne Fibershed garment is in the making!

I am very keen to hear how everyone else is going with their outfits so far.   If you haven’t yet,  I am asking all new and old #1year1outfit participants to sign up using our new form:

#1year1outfit Sign Up

More soon!