Next up on the tour of completed Master category projects are two committed makers from the UK.

It is such a privilege to get an insight into Fibresheds on the other side of the globe. I have loved reading all the behind the scenes stories, like these ones:

Norma from She Sews You Know

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANorma describes her outfit as “wearing the landscape” which I think is a gorgeous approach. Norma’s outfit showcases the natural fibers available in her area.  She used Natural Irish Linen, welsh wool and handmade wooden buttons. She has fallen in love with natural dyeing so expect to see more natural colours coming from her in the future.  Congratulations Norma on finishing the challenge!

Norma has blogged the details here.

Steely Seamstress


At the time of last years review she was still finishing up her project, so I thought I would take the time to highlight her efforts at completing an entire outfit including pants, shirt and hacking jacket. The project had an immense amount of consideration for all the details, and her blog is worth a good look around.  Her outfit includes:

See her review of the experience here.

North America

Domestic Lin from Victoria BC

If you want some inspiration on how to complete this challenge when the local area does not have fibres to work worth, look no further.  Sourcing everything from the island she lives on, she has started growing and processing her own flax to compliment the hand spun wool she is spinning.  Literally working from the ground up, she expects her outfit is another year away.

I highly recommend following her blog to see what is next.



One more post to go!  All about Melbourne : )