melon pop

Pattern:  Basic Blazer, Blank Slate, Size 2

Fabric:  Aqua Baby Cord + Remnant Cotton from Rathdowne Fabrics

Notions: Buttons from Brunswick Fabrics

Ease:  Mid Range

Tidbits:  I learnt a lot whilst making this, I had to read my sewing machine manual for just about everything from sewing button holes through to using the overlocker foot to finish the seams. I read up on making bias tape myself and how to apply it.  Using bias tape meant I didn’t finish the collar, fronts or base of the jacket and turn it inside out, instead when everything else was done I turned everything right side out and applied the bias tape to finish the jacket.

Untitled photo [6DD2666C-2EA5-4508-A899-6CDE22246447]

Oppsies:   I squeezed this jacket out of less than 0.5m of scrap so barely anything was cut on grain, this hasn’t been a problem in the wash after 6 months of wear.   On the other-hand I didn’t have enough fabric to cut the bias tape on the bias, so cut it on the strightgrain (does that make it straight tape?)  and had all sorts of problems getting it on at all – let alone neatly.   I recently enrolled in this Craftsy class which has given me a bit more insight into how to get it right.

Kidlet Rating:  5 Stars – been worn everywhere!