Summer Skirt

Summer Skirt

Summer Skirt

This lovely fabric was very nearly a complete and utter train wreck.  The original plan was to sew some culottes from this Cotton Friend.  And sew them I did.  The pattern pieces were big enough to fit an elephant inside each leg, WARNING, but I soldiered on.  I looked at the elastic waistband lines, WARNING, but I carried on.  It was only when I tried on the ginormous fluffy elephant “culottes” that I realised, this is not going to work.

Poor Nani Iro then sat on a bench for a month or so while I pondered what to do.  Eventually, I gave myself an ultimatum, sat down and unpicked and came up with a new plan.  What about that vintage culottes pattern in my stash, nope, still to flouncy.  A skirt, it has to be a skirt.

Summer Shorts  Skirt

Pattern:  Self Drafted

Fabric:  Nani Iro Peaceful Cooing from Shimgraphica.   Too flouncy for culottes but perfect for a skirt!

Ease:  Medium

Tidbits: I used a silk ribbon to finish the bottom hem, and a linen as the waistband facing.  I added a little too much ease at the waistband the first time I ironed in the pleats, so this took quite a bit of fiddling.

Oppsies:  Need more practice at zips.  Must watch rest of Craftsy video..

Wrap top

Pattern: Easy, Cut from dress, finish edge.

Fabric:  Top of one of my old dresses. Wool blend.

Ease:  Simple

Tidbits:  This top is now way more useful to my wardrobe and is ready for outing a plenty!

 Me Rating: 4 stars for saving it from the brink

 PS – The headband I am wearing is the last remaining artifact from the culottes debacle.