Ye olde steampunk explorer doth wander the world with a magnifying glass to inspect the fine stitching. Ye jacket has 6 compass needles to show him the way, and one doth retain warmth and visibility under an a fine peaked cap.

Steampunk Jacket

Pattern: Ottobre 04/2012, 120cm (I sized up so its ready for our winter)

Fabric: Suede from an old skirt

Ease: Medium – The instructions are great and lead you through the tricky bits

Tidbits: I really wanted to make this a steampunk themed jacket, so I played with ideas for the closure until I came up with this design inspired by this wonderful pair:

I extended the front and facings across a little and instead of the zip closure I used magnetic snaps. The flaps were sewn into the front seam and sleeve seams. I used a stiffer interfacing than usual and rolled the seams under a little when top stitching which gave it a nicer roll than I have been getting on previous makes.

Lessons: As the jacket is unlined I used french seams on all the major seams and it was way easier than expected and looks super neat on the inside.

Aviator Cap

Pattern: Cucito 01/2014

Fabric: Suede from old skirt, fluffy knit from an old blanket

Ease: Easy

Tidbits: Oooooh, I love how this turned out! I used very sturdy bag interfacing for the brim and it totally made it.

Explorer Shorts

Pattern: Oliver + S Sailboat Shorts

Fabric: Repurposed Wool blend.

Ease: Easy

Tidbits: I am finding the back rise on these is too short. He is also getting used to having pockets on his pants, so perhaps not our favourite pants pattern at the moment. The Leg warmers were also my old socks! Go go upcycle.

Kidlet Rating – 5/5 – It is super hot here today and he wont take it off!
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