Styling at Project Run & Play for me means jackets, colour play, upcycling and Japan! The final factor is to make things both kids can wear. So the big question is who wears it best??



Tiger Blazer

Pattern:  Basic Blazer, Blank Slate, Size 4 with Size 5 length and lengthened sleeves

Fabric:  Tiger Elastine from Ottobre

Notions: Buttons from Skull Buttonry

Ease:  Mid Range

Tidbits:  My second attempt at this jacket and my second attempt at using knit fabric.. Boy I Am Brave, or perhaps just crazy.  I interfaced a lot of the seams to make sure things didn’t move around, and it helped a heap.

Kidlet Rating:  5 Stars – been worn everywhere!

thisismoonlight WhoWearsItBest

Skinny Jeans

Pattern: Cucito April 13 (My favourite issue from 2013 if you are keen on trying Japanese patterns out.)

Fabric: A pair of adults jeans.

Ease: Easy, just had to decide which bits to keep.

Tidbits: These pants tick the Japan, colour and upcycle boxes! I made 2 pairs out the jeans and this is from the bottom of the pant leg.  I kept the side seam and then cut the back pattern piece out on both sides before trimming down the front.  The pair at the top I kept the pockets by working from the sides again, I also kept the waist band attached and trimmed it in the center.  I would probably unpick the back pockets next time and reattach so as to not loose some.

Kidlet Rating: 4 Stars – loves them


Tuxedo T-Shirt

Pattern: Self Drafted

Fabric: old T-shirt

Ease: Easy

Tidbits: The colour of this is completely out of my comfort zone, but I think it works in a strange way!  The pleats in the middle are tuxedo like as I think that part of my kids style is to try to aim for some sense that either sex can wear an item.

Kidlet Rating: 4 Stars



You Call It Colour Blocks

Pattern: You Call It by Surburbia Soup a free pattern

Fabric: Two old lightweight jumpers

Ease: Easy

Tidbits: I love this pattern so much, I have sewn it numerous times now and always manage to have fun with it!

Kidlet Rating: 4 Stars – loves them


Batman T

Pattern: Recess Raglan

Fabric: Mars Bars stash – we’re out of pink now!

Ease: Easy

Tidbits: Master Kidlet asked for both a pink T-shirt and a Batman T-Shirt in quick succession, I don’t think this was quite what he had in mind, but hey, he went for it!  Check out the little origami bat on the sleeve.

Kidlet Rating: 5 Stars – who doesn’t love a cape!


Up Up and Away!

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