More Man Sewing.

Managed to make this outfit just in time for a manly Valentines Day : )


Happy Heart Day

Happy Super Heart Day!

Jedediah Shorts

Pattern:  Jedediah Pants

Fabric:  Spotted Linen from Spotlight, hidden deep within the shelves, such a lovely fabric to work with, I have some left and am already dreaming up the possibilities.

Ease:  Getting easier!  I made these in about 6 hours, and only had to refer to the instructions here and there.

Tidbits: Even though this fabric was kinder to me than my last pair, I decided to play it safe on the yoke seams and tacked the seams down instead of flat felling.  I practiced flat felling on the less visible in-seams, and this fabric was a dream to work with so less afraid for next time.  The rest of the make was tackled the same way as the last pair.  I extended the waistband this time by 2 inches and it worked out perfectly.

Lessons:  Super Bloke looks great in polka : )  I am totally in love with these.  Yum.

Next up a pair of jeans..

Bloke rating: 4.5/5

Happy Heart Day

Heart T-shirt

Pattern: a mix of an Ottobre 170cm kids pattern and a trace of his favourite T.

Fabric: Thrifted knit

Ease:  Easy

Tidbits: The fit is perfect this time, and I nailed the neckband.  That’s right.  Nailed it.

The graphic took a bit of trial and error.   The first version in the photo as from the local art shop and whilst it came out super well, it was all stiff and shiny.  No one wants to wear stiff and shiny.   Moving on to the HP Transfer Paper.  First Try – I ironed on the ironing board and didn’t wait for it to cool.  No go.  Final attempt – this time on a hard table, press for a full minute with no steam, them wait to cool.  Winner! Will report back on the wash-ability.

transfer testing

Bloke Rating: 4/5

A new and refined “show me your butt” pose ..

Happy Heart Day

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