The talented Julia Bobbin runs a challenge each year to make an outfit inspired by Mad Men.  I took a look around at the past entries and they are unreal!
Julia Bobbin - Mad Men Challenge III
I am keen to give it a crack but really want to use a pattern that I already own AND fabric I already own.  Enter the Sew Bossy Challenge where you get to help me choose!!
Get ready – some of these are pretty amusing!
Option 1: Classic Peggy in Wool Plaid
Betty Draper sheath flower dress, Peggy in plaid
Option 2:  Partied Out Betty in Nani Iro 

Betty Draper, Episode 8 “My favorite costume of the whole season, hands down, is Betty Draper’s dress in “A Night to Remember.”DSC_6589

Option 3: Pants Suit Peggy in Wool Plaid

Peggy’s ‘Mad Men’ pantsuit: The inside story | EW.comV1366DSC_6591

Option 4: Nerdy Harry Shirt and Possibly, Possibly Plaid Blazer if you beg

Mad Props: Mad Men Costume Designer Janie Bryant on Harry Crane's Season 6 CostumesV2383DSC_6590

Option 5: Peggy Polka Shirt

Alright, let’s hear it!

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