This week was full of woolly goodness and minty maroony revelations!

MMM Day 14: Pattern Magic Take 2

mint + maroon = happiness!

Pattern Magic Take 2

kidlet interference on this shot – sorry!

Pattern Magic Take 2
Pattern Magic Transforming Dress Take 2

Pattern: Pattern Magic vol 3.  See my early version here.

Fabric:  Wool jersey from shock, horror, Spotlight

Ease:  Easy

Tidbits: I went for a simple flared skirt on this version and widened and lengthened the sleeves.

Lessons: The longer sleeves don’t look as good when wearing it in the shorter mode, so I may ditch the lower arm holes at some point.  It is probably a little lightweight for a dress, but, meh, I don’t care.

Me Rating: 5/5 such a quick make and all that soft soft wool makes me smileWool Jersey Plantain

 Wool Jersey Plantain


Plantain Take 2

Pattern: The free Plantain Pattern by Deer and Doe, size 36

Fabric:  Wool jersey from shock, horror, Spotlight

Ease:  Easy

Tidbits: After my first make of the same pattern, I adjusted the bodice by moving the arm hole with a L slash 1cm up and 1cm out.  I also lengthened the sleeves about 10cm so my hands can be cosy too…overcompensating for all my RTW’s being short perhaps.

Lessons: The wool jersey is very stretchy so is came out a little sloppy, I am happy with this for the snuggle factor for now.

Me Rating: 4/5 wool, wool I love ewe..

MMM Day 13 Wool Jersey Plantain


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