Are we there yet?!  Natural fibers and knits were winners this week.

MMMay Day 22 Day 22: Comfy comfy knits top, bottom and scarf made by me. Mostly snuggled in bed but did have to go to the hospital.

mmmay day 23 Day 23:  A psychedelic mix this day, I am not sure about the accessorising of these creatures….

Day 24: No need to leave the house today so I curled up in my trackies and unblogged spotty T, and went for a brief walk in the rain in Yellow Ducky.

MMMay Day 25Day 25: Feeling vaguely human so donned some monochromatic pinks to make me smile.  Super bloke bought the top, leggings and scarf home from India and I wore my pink shorties to complete a comfy outfit that I loved wearing!  He was under instructions to get fabric so he also snagged some dupioni silk, winning all round!

MMMay Day 26

Day 26: My pink top and skirt were similar to Day 22, so this is the other thing I have been snuggling under all week!  My friends printed special photos of our wedding, babies, friends and fun onto fabric (apparently with a home printer!)  and made this beautiful quilt.  It arrived at my door just before Pac Mac this week and it has been close by ever since.  So blessed!!

MMMay Day 27

Day 27: A day of firsts – my first make for me (unblogged top), pants and knitting!  An interesting outfit with quirks all over the place but super comfy.

MMMay Day 28Day 28:  I thought I had worn every me made in existence until the deep dark recesses of my closet called and I dug out this sloppy T remade from two singlets.  I love it with my vintage skirt and scarf and so that was it!

I am definitely reaching the limits of what my me made’s can do without serious help from the rest of my wardrobe.   I am on track for having 31 unique outfits and have worn my me mades way more that I anticipated.  Only 3 days and an exhibition opening to go!

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