The polka, stripe, floral pattern bonanza happening in my wardrobe had reached crisis point.  Time to bust out some basics. Some warm basics. Too much practicality in one post?  Maybe!

Solid Burda

I love the library.  I have borrowed a few Burdastyle issues from our local over the last few months and have traced a few patterns but have only made one up.   This time round, I got 02/2014 and it has so many good base patterns that I traced and made straight away! AND I remembered to add the seam allowance.

Solid Burda

Basic Knit Pencil Dress

Pattern: Burdastyle 02/2014  Layered Ruched Dress 

Fabric: Poly Double Knit from Knit Wit.   Breaking all of my fabric buying rules!

Ease: Simple

Tidbits: I used the shift dress part of the pattern and traced  the 38 and lengthen the sleeves.  I made a few alterations before sewing the long sleeved version – added 5cm at the waist, straightened the waist curve a little and moved the shoulders out by 1cm and across by a couple of mm.  Turns out I didn’t need the shoulder adjustment with this fabric, and I took the arms and waist in by a couple of cms here and there.  This pretty much means that the pattern would have been a good fit with just a length adjustment.  Sweet, wonder if this will apply to all Burda patterns?

Solid Burda

I was conflicted about the use of this dress.  Largely I want it to wear as a layering piece and possibly for use at work but I liked the length short. A poll on instagram concurred and I went ahead and chopped 20cm off the length.  In a stroke of genius I realised I could make a sleeveless version that would meet a more demure length requirement with the remnant fabric and the chopped off 20cm!

Solid Burda

I was very disciplined and traced the changes I made to the pattern back on to my master before cutting the second short sleeveless version. I think the fit is better, not that I hate the first one!

Solid Burda

Lessons: I think those wrinkles in the back of the two makes means I may need to add a sway back adjustment to my pattern next time. I guess this means I take the waist in a little more on the back piece? I think I have the sleeveless dress on crooked (a rushed interchange!) as there is less bunching on this one in real life, promise!

Score: 4/5 A bit ho hum but I have worn these ladies every day since making so far! Separately, under things and together.  

Solid BurdaSomeone making fun of my modelling poses : )