This week was a week of celebrating the simple things.  Simple things like having the time and energy to sew some much needed basics for the boys.

Sprinkles on Top

With neon sprinkles on top!Sprinkles on Top


Sprinkles Jumper

Pattern: Self drafted with extra long sleeves and body!

Fabric: 1m of this wonderfully textural fleck fleece, my only purchase from the Cloth House in London on our trip last year.  I left with a tiny piece of fabric but left them with a whole lot of drool.

Sprinkles on Top

Ease: Easy sewing

Tidbits: This looks so plain and I agonised over whether to add a little embellishment.  I ended up leaving it plain but I still wonder whether the eye needs a little something to rest on.  Or are we just trained to want a logo??

I wanted to thank Super Bloke for being amazingly amazing by FINALLY making him a promised something before summer arrives. Next up on his sewing list is the Japanese coat and some jeans, so I took the easy road this time!

Bloke Rating: 4.5/5 (worn it every day since!)Sprinkles on TopKidlet decided that the chicken dance was the best way for Dad to celebrate!
Sprinkles on Top

Pattern: Cucito Autumn 2014

Fabric: 1m Fleece

Ease: simple

Tidbits: These turned out to have a lower crutch than I expected but kidlet loves the extra room.  The fit of Japanese patterns is great for my skinny kids and I didn’t make any adjustment except for leaving off the cuff.  I love the circular pocket.

Lessons: I made two pairs from this pattern and the weak spot is under the pocket which I have had to go back and back tack a few times after the first wear!

Also, removing safety pins from elastic is advised to avoid trashing your last double needle.  Do’oh.

Kidlet Score: 5/5 Deprived child hasn’t had any functioning trackies for a while!


And in the lead up to my surgery we also celebrated everything breasty with more sprinkles! Just check out those nipples!!

Sprinkles on Top