I surprise myself sometimes.  When I first started recording my makes at the start of this year, I hated the photography bit.  Super bloke would take 50 photos and I would select 3 average ones suitable for public consumption.

I have never liked posing for the camera and have many many eyes shut, tongue out, getta-outta-my-face photos over the years to prove it!  But…  something has happened over this year.  I have had to get used to taking photos of myself, and not just the same old me but the me as I went through loosing my hair and now my breasts. It is like photographing myself going through these stages has helped me shed the layers of self doubt and anxiety.

I no longer worry that  as someone who has only been sewing for a year, I  have nothing to offer the world.  That’s not the point.  The point is that I am learning to make clothes and documenting the process helps me order my thoughts and solidify what I have learnt.  Along the way, wonderful challenges like this weeks One Pattern One Week, where I voluntarily took daily selfies (ha!) have been incredible tools for me in finding my inner beauty.

Ailakki the Skirt

Day 1: Ailakki skirt and Red Cloche (yep, I altered the pattern to make a skirt if you missed the post).  Felt very cool in this outfit and I think I will wear it often : )

OWOP Day 2

Day 2: Pink shorties, Yellow ducky jacket, refashioned wrap and new handcrafted Aussie-made bling from bbppdesigns. It was so cold, and I wished I had made up my wool pants version sooner (it’s cut out ready to go) so layers, layers, layers!

OWOP14 Day 3

Day 3: Ailakki skirt, tuxedo jacket and red cloche (It was freezing again!)


Day 4:  The jumpsuit!  layered over a thrifted shirt.  Me likey crazy layering stuff.


Day 5:  Trying to thinking of  new ways to wear the jumpsuit! Under a vintage skirt and with thrifted cardigan.  Honestly didn’t dig this get up.  Did the cardi up most of the day and toilet stops were…


Day 6: Pink shorties and mini jacket over a clothes swap shirt.  I have worn a few variations of this recently and I dig it.

OWOP 14 Day 7

Day 7: My sporty take on a short skirt again with the infamous holiday shirt.  This was fun!  I did have to wear shorties underneath to save my dignity when playing with the kids though. Thank you to Jane for hosting!

I am not done with this pattern yet, I have a pants version partially sewn, and once I make up my mind as to how I want to modify the bodice I plan on making a pant length version of the jumpsuit!  Aside from modifying the fit here and there,  I cannot decide if I want to go with the layering thing and adjust the bodice a little to allow that OR if I want to adjust the bodice for a bit more coverage (close the triangle a little and extend the back up) so I can wear it on its own comfortably.  What do you think readers??

And just for fun, here’s 5 crazy ways to wear a jumpsuit!
MMM14 - Day 9 EveningMMM- Day 10At Last AilakkiOWOP 14OWOP 14

And 5 pink ways to wear high-waisted short shorts:

MMMay Day 25MMMay Day 30OWOP 14OWOP Day 2Pink Shorties

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