Welcome to the world Ailakki the 4th.   A woolly lined full length version that is work suitable.

I am finally getting to making some of my planned work wardrobe.  My inspirations are from suit silhouettes of a variety different eras and modern interpretations.  Typically eclectic and colourful!

I liked the idea of combining this wool puppytooth (which is my granny all over) a with modern pattern. I think it is the mix I was after, and have plans for a cropped blazer to follow in good time.

Ailakki the 4th

(Look, look, look – there’s hair up there! And you can be pretty sure that I am giving my head a good rub in this picture…feels soooo good.)

Ailakki the 4th

Ailakki the 4th

Pattern: Named Ailakki – size 36

Fabric:  Puppytooth (love that word) wool suiting coupon found in Paris last year, thrifted red lining fabric

Notions: Standard zip

Ease:  Medium

Tidbits: As I was lining these pants (no #itchywoolthighs here) I added a cm of ease to the hips and waist area. I also added 3cm to the leg length (at about knee height), and feel like I just had enough to work with so will add a more generous seam allowance at the cuff next time too.

I hand stitched the waistband facing down and the lining to the zip but along the way discovered this free Craftsy course on zipper insertion that would have made life much easier had I watched it first!  I wanted a more subtle zip this time but didn’t have an invisible zip on hand so went with a slotted zipper which is a little puffier but I am happy enough.

Other than this I made this pair up in a similar fashion to here, here and here.

I love the red lining and the little peek that you get of it in the pockets!

Ailakki the 4th

Lessons:  I “may” have been comfort eating a little this winter as the fit is quite snug, possibly need to add a little more ease to the waist area next time.  Like Clare I feel like the pants need to be more tapered but decided to leave this version as is so I can wear them with boots in winter.

Score:    4/5 I am feeling pretty proud of these, and  super happy that pants are not my nemesis.

Ailakki the 4th

Cant. Stop. Touching. The. Hair.

Ailakki the 4th

Swing Top

Pattern: Self drafted, loosely based on the Lekala pattern used for this dress

Fabric: 0.5m piece of delicious linen from scrap bag at Potters Textiles

Ease: Simple – 2 hours from cutting to completion

Tidbits: I used french seams on all the seams (first time I have actually pulled this off on the sleeves – yay me!) and then finished the neckline and hem with some doubled folded knit bias tape which has the cutest wee spots on it.  A happy moment when I pulled that out of the trims box! Serendipity.

Ailakki the 4th

Ailakki the 4th

Lessons:  I just wish I had more of this fabric to knock out a flouncy skirt for some matchy matchy two-piece-setacular goodness! I also want to encourage future self to add a more decent seam allowance (1.5cm plus) when doing french seams.  You listening future self?

Score:    4/5 I wore this set out to the pub last night after our 35 degrees C day and loved the easy breeziness of the top.  Yay for linen.

I have now collected suit patterns from the 20’s, 60’s and 70’s that fit with the theme and have started matching up fabric to each.  Think I got my next year of sewing sorted out!

Ailakki the 4th

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