A couple of week ago the sun started shining furiously (as it will for many more months here in Perth) and I was overcome with a desire to get to the beach.  Pronto.

Swim Take 1

Then I realised that I have zero, zilch, nada nothing to wear!  Cue emergency bathers.

I wanted something in this style..

I think I got part the way there. And, more importantly, now I can swim, yes!

Swim Take 1
Emergency Bathers

PatternBurda dress pattern altered as per this post

Fabric:  Op shop size 24 bottoms in teal, and a 1/2m swim skirt.  The black and white spots will be my next victim.

swim take 1

Ease:  Easy

Tidbits: I sewed the top sans seam allowance and still took it in here and there to get the fitted look.  The bottoms were made by pinning the side seams whilst wearing them, drawing  the new side seams then unpicking the top elastic band before sewing it all back together in their much smaller size.  The back leg elastics then needed a bit of shifting which I took a while over trying to find that line between nana and retro.

Swim Take 1

Lessons:  I am keen to try the top again with a few tweaks to the shoulders, and I think I could get a better shape on the bottoms by sewing from a flat piece.  I am thinking of using Ralph Pink’s free swimsuit pattern as a starting point. Oh, and where does one buy swim lining in Perth/Oz?

Score:    3/5 these emergency bathers got me in the water

You probably saw me with even more kit off this week as part of the wonderful 4th Trimester Bodies Project. The response has been overwhelmingly wonderful, to the point where reading the comments had me crying happy tears.  A very humble thank you to all! If my story helps just one person then I am happy!

And to finish a couple of wildflower snaps that match today’s colour scheme : )
Everlastings 0914

Black Kangaroo Paw 1014
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