A switching of roles! Mum need a dress, I had some fabric and her sewing machine, it had to be done fast!  Family collab - me for mum

Family collab - me for mum

Lekala Dress

Pattern: Lekala 5339 with mum’s measurements + high waist + wide biceps

Fabric: Opshopped doona cover sourced by mum

Ease: Medium

Tidbits: We did two fittings to work out the kinks.

The first fitting was hilarious, the dress almost hit the floor and the sleeves were still full length.  The fit was good across the chest/shoulders but I had to add a bit of shaping here and there so the bodice was less sack like.  The skirt was also slightly A-line, so I took 3 inches off the bottom edges and tapered it instead.   Mum also decided where she wanted the sleeves and neck line to hit.

The second fitting after these adjustments was easy!  All I had to do was pin up the hemline, everything else looked fine.  Mum suggested the tuck on the arms so that happened to.

Family collab - me for mum

I interfaced the zip per opening and used this craftsy video with great success.  Woohoo.  An invisible zip.  Actually, totally invisible. I didn’t notice the wrinkles from the interfacing in real life, only in this photo.  Hmm.

Family collab - me for mum

Lessons: Its at times like these that a serger would come in handy.  Usually I get by with french seams on light fabrics, and fully lining thicker fabrics but in this case I didn’t have time to line it in full or look at options like seam binding.  Instead I pressed the seams flat, zig zagged and then used the pinking shears to neaten them up.  Best I could do.

Family collab - me for mum

Also, whilst I stay stitched the neckline, I didn’t interface.  I think I should have (?)

Mum Score: 4/5 I am pretty happy with how it fits given my inexperience with sewing for others. (Apologies from her for the dodgy phone photo!)