Ever felt like you just want to blend in to the background?  Be it native flowers or your grandmas curtains I got you covered!

Vintage Vanamo Vintage Vanamo

Or we could take it down a notch and just go for statement skirt!

Vintage Vanamo Vintage Vanamo Ailakki Skirt PatternNamed Vanamo Cocktail Dress – size 36, adjustments as per this post for the bodice Fabric:  2m of vintage curtain fabric from an Australian manufacturer Ease:  Medium. Tidbits: Aside from the weeks of using this bodice to play with fitting options, this dress came together really easily!  I lengthen the skirt a little in the middle and also raised the side seam as I have a long hip curve (something else I learnt from Create the Perfect Fit).  Once I had made these quick adjustments I sewed the skirt up and wham bam thank you mamm.  Perfect fit. I made the skirt up as per the instructions but I used Bias tape to finish the bodice instead of facings.  I am regretting this a little as the fabric is quite stiff and I think facing would have worked better. Check that pattern matching on the back and the hidden zippage! Vintage Vanamo Lessons:  Next time I want to lengthen the front bodice a little and fully line or use the facings for the bodice. Also, I recommend doing some extra back stitching at the top of the skirt curve.  I had to go back and strengthen this retrospectively which wasn’t the easiest. Score:    4/5 I really do love the cut of this skirt and have actually worn it way more than you would expect.  Only once as a set so far, which did elicit quite a bit of commentary from strangers…

What do you think?  Can curtains be a rocking #twopiecesetacular or best left hanging on the wall?

Today’s post was bought to you by some grevillea, a running postman, a kangaroo paw, a eucalyptus, a banksia and an unidentified orange bloom. Very scientific.  I’m off to go hide in the bushes again. 12-wildflowers 20144  I love virtual hugs, so feel free to leave a comment – if you are having trouble getting around try the little circles below or contact me.