I’ve finished all the reds!  And I’ve double the number of wearable button down shirts in my closet.

Red Wenona and Circle

And I got me some cow girl/bohemian/eclectic  awesomeness in this here shirt.

Red Wenona and Circle

Wenona Shirt 

PatternNamed Wenona Shirt/Dress –  size 38

Fabric:  Thrifted printed cotton /linen blend (at a guess) plus some red linen scraps from my scrap box.

Ease:  Medium.

Tidbits:  Whilst I was drawn to the pattern because of the funky pleats, I decided to forgo them in this first version in case I needed any fitting adjustments in the shoulder area.  I cut the front as one piece, joining the front yoke to the bodice piece.

I wanted to flat fell all the seams so increased the seam allowances on the main fabric but was seriously stretched for fabric in the linen so had to stick with a 1cm seam allowance on these pieces. The difference was hard to keep track of when sewing, and I ended up realising that I had made the front bodice too large when trying to fit the collar stand (using Andrea’s tutorial again).  And the vertical pleats were born. So I got my pleats in the end!

Red Wenona and Circle

Lessons:  A couple of things to tweak for next time (already in progress) – The interfacing I used was way too stiff, especially for the button band.  And secondly, the pulling across the shoulders.  On consultation with Laura from Named she thinks it is likely caused by my shoulders being straighter then the slope the pattern assumed, and I agree!  The fix is to straighten the yoke pieces a little and add a little to the sleeves.

See Also: Yoshimi’s soft and flowy version, Jo’s funky ikat version, Lorraine’s this edgy black and grey dress and Maude’s swanky pleated shirt version.

Score:    4/5 I love wearing this colourful quirky shirt a lot, and looking forward to having more in the closet.

Red Wenona and Circle

And would you believe it, my first circle skirt!

Red Circle Skirt

PatternBy Hand London Circle Skirt App

Fabric: thrifted wool and silk lining.

Ease: Simple

Tidbits: I made a simple half circle skirt, which I made more complicated by lining and adding a pocket (which I failed to get a good shot of sorry!)

Red Wenona and Circle

(lot’s of squinting in this post! must find shadier piece of white wall!)

Lessons:  To be honest, its getting pretty warm here and sewing this wool wasn’t exciting me at all so I machined the hem, something I haven’t done for a while.  No amount of pressing has got those wrinkles completely out, so the skirt is back in the hand sewing pile waiting for a new, flatter hem.

Score:    3/5 I think this will be a super useful winter work basic, but right now, its not exciting me all that much.  I can see myself making more swooshy, colourful circle skirts though!

So here is my little sketch of all the Red’s for your amusement:

Red Wenona and CircleRed Wenona and Circle

Vogue Rescue

Red Wenona and Circle








1. Drape drape top, 2. Tuxedo Jacket, 3. Circle Skirt, 4. Red Cloche, 5. Vogue Rescue, 6. Wenona Shirt and 7. Ailakki Skirt.



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