Late November, my biggest little brother finally got the chance to get on a plane from London and give me a hug.  I liked his hug.




My bro has always been great at drawing and making things, but like me, works in a technical job, so doesn’t use his creativity day to day. Inspired by my use of the sewing machine as an outlet, he recently bought one too! His express aim: “too sew a suit.”  Bloody awesome, just go for it.

Babies are popping out everywhere around here and one of my Cucito magazines had the sweetest kimono romper pattern that I though would make the perfect PJ’s.

So, while my brother was here, we did some kimono chain sewing and he made up half of these little rompers – french seams, bias tape, poppers, facings, sewing the sleeves in flat and in the round, the whole shebang.  And this little liberty beauty (for which I made him bring his own fabric unknownly) is for his first baby boy due on my birthday next year!

Kimono PJ’s

Pattern:  Cucito Summer 2014, size 80cm (about 1-3 years old)

Fabric:   Liberty lawn from Katie’s source, Bear fabrics (one double gauze and one seersucker) from Miss Matatabi and thrifted Polka Dot cotton

Ease: Medium

See Also: If you wanted a similar pattern in English O+S has one (and they have fantastic instructions)

Tidbits: Cucito instructions always have you zig-zag the seams,  as these are gifts we used french seamed and bias taped the collar.

Lessons:   The first we made was this little romper.  It’s cute, but we had a few problems.


Firstly, the bias tape was too thin. Secondly the facings, ruined the nice finish on the insides.  And, thirdly, those darn press studs.  I have the basic kits and some uneven clamps that all just fail to push the things together nicely.  We got 3 poppers in after much swearing, and that was all I was doing.  This means that there is a hole in the crotch, just think of it as a viewing window….  I don’t use press studs normally so wasn’t up for investing in anything more high quality so, we ditched the romper idea and made tops and shorts instead for the last 4.  I think they will last longer anyway.



Score:  4/5 I do love this pattern and think I will make it for all newborns if the feedback is good.  I think the tucks make it.  

Soft Crowns

xmas makes

xmas makes

Pattern:  Self Drafted on childrens’ heads

Fabric:  Scraps of cotton for the fronts and Fake Fur/fleece for the backs

Ease: Simple

Tidbits: I fastened the backs with some super fat decorative elastic that I thrifted a while ago and have been wanting to find a use for.

Lessons: My brother left me, so I was my own make 15 of these, but all up it took around 3 hours.  Super fast. I found the easiest way was to sew right sides together starting at the top of one side, have a child help you lift and set the needle ever corner, sew over the elastic which you have wedged between the two pieces at the other end, then head back along the bottom without sewing the last side. Turn inside out from the open end, clip all the corners, tuck the edges under, insert the elastic, then edge stitch the hole closed.  Done.

Score:  4/5  If you are looking for last minute kids gifts that can be made from scraps, I think these are a winner.

Resin Reindeers

Marilla organised a Christmas decoration swap this year that got me thinking about making my own decorations, as we have none here with us in Perth.  At the same time, my mum was considering how she could use some left over resin in decorations, and so some ideas were born.

2014-11-13 11.39.44

My first idea was to dip crocheted doilies in resin to make snowflake like decorations.  Didn’t work. The cotton took up too much resin and then just looked and felt weird.  Mums idea was to set plastic waste into resin, the testers above didn’t come out of the mould but she did eventually get this idea to work using a moulding resin.


My idea that did work was to dip some origami reindeers.  The eyes were the only tricky bit as the permanent marker ran!  So I ended up putting stickers over the runny eyes for my swap batch.  We also learnt that hanging them to dry was the best way to get an even finish.  I then made a whole bunch of teeny versions with hand cut sticker eyes, which mum dipped and turned into brooches and ornaments.

2014-11-19 18.47.55

Meanwhile the crotchet went on to bigger and better things, which I will have to show you another time.

A huge thank you to the maker of my model today – AB – how cute is that snowboard!

I didn’t mean to go and get so crafty this Christmas, it just kind of happened. Merry Christmas all xx