I am a bit like a petulant child when it come to jumpsuits.  Having been denied the opportunity all my life to don head to toe cloth due to a long torso, as soon as I realised that sewing your own means jumpsuits can fit me, my brain kept saying I wanna I wanna I wannnnnnnnaaaaa jumpsuit!  Finally after months of pinning and planning here are two perfectly petulant jumpsuits.



Big Kids Alley Cat Romper

Pattern: Alley Cat Romper for the bodice and self drafted skorts

Fabric: Scraps from this make and this make for the bodice and woven cotton from Helen who found it in a country op shop.

Green Notes: Winning!

Ease: Made me think a bit… Medium

See Also: My bikini top and kidlets versions of the same pattern


Tidbits: I promised a grown up version of kidlets romper some time ago and believe me I have been working on it since!  I was bouncing off several of the designs in this Pinterest boards (particularly the tabernacle twins piece) and played with the shape of the skorts several times to get the look I wanted.

The fabric piece wasn’t as wide as I would have like so I decided to add the volume in the back rather than the front.  And I traded the gathers in the kids version for pleats.  I went for a high low hand stitched hem to accentuate the volume at the back.  I also added an inseam pocket, cause pockets are goooood.


Lessons:   This week my needle was in right.  Yay, that’s a bonus.

I basted the skorts in place first to get the right shape and that worked pretty well as a tool so I will try that again.  I find that I spend a lot of the time sewing in my underwear as I find it hard to visualise a garment without wearing it.  I’m not sure what I would do in a social sewing setting, wear good underthings I guess!

Score: 4.5/5  I can see myself wearing this a lot here in the heat and I love the colours! 



Secret Green Pajamas

Pattern: Lekala 4044

Fabric: Thrifted Seer Sucker

Ease: Medium

Green Notes: Winning

See Also: Helen’s lovely version that alerted me to the patterns existance


Tidbits: I made a few modifications to the pattern: I lengthened the sleeves and added a cuff, omitted the elastic at the bottom of the cuffs, but generally stuck to the plan.  The front ruffles are plaited scraps of fabric hand stitched down.  You might have spotted the inspiration for this on that Pinterest board.

Lessons: I cut a generous 2.5cm seam allowance on all the pieces to deal with any fitting issues, including on the button band and collar, which was a little bit of a mistake.  Lekala fits me pretty well and I ended up not needing the allowance at all.


Score: 4/5 I could pick this make to pieces, as I can see mistakes everywhere.  But at the end of the day they are perfectly stylish secret pajamas that I will happily wear to death.